Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Sofia, Syamhope in art, is a creative with a strong passion for traveling. To know more, you can curious in this page where I share my history: discover more about Syamhope
There are many ways to support an artist. Even though it is true that you can purchase Syamhope's original artworks or handcrafts, supporting an artist isn't all about money. For example, you can support by sharing Syamhope's posts on social medias, spreading the news within the blog, talking about it with yours colleagues, even sharing your opinion can be really helpful!
All the services provided by Syamhope are exclusive and original. There are several options to buy original artworks and handmade crafts, as well as to personalize you events: &nbsp People and Decoration
Original Custom artworks (paintings, drawings, illustrations) Handmade Art (earrings, and other ideas on request) &nbsp Cultural Events
Art performance for musical events and theatre events (live drawing and live painting improvisation) Facepainting y Bodypainting for events Cre-Activities: artistic activities and labs to free your creativity and your imagination &nbsp Teamwork
Collaborations (cultural events organization, artistic projects, photography, travels… surprise me!)
All the artworks you can see here are Syamhope's originals. The creations you find at are all original artworks I made thanks to different techniques (generally I prefer traditional techniques and recycled materials)
No, buying an artworks doesn't transfer the rights of reproduction © of the author
You might be wondering why choose to work or collaborate with Syamhope, and that's fair. The answer is that to me it's highly important to create a contact when working either with or for someone. In this way, I can get their needs and their targets, too. Indeed, during the years I've spent lots of time and energies onto experimentation. And today, that is the reason why I'm able to wide my artistic field and adapt to each request. Moreover, working side by side permits to build together much more original and personalized ideas.

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