What they say about me and my artwork…

See these notes? They’re people who have met my art in person and left their comment

What do they say? Have a look at their message:

Magic. Going to places with other eyes.”

“It’s incredible the trajectory and the effort dedicated since the idea started, the travel and the exhibition. The same art exhibition is becoming”

“Nourishing, lively experience.”

“To me it seems really nice the way you transmit with your art. It feels warm. Thanks.”

“It brings life to the environment.”

I’m Sofia.

I love traveling

I create and paint Emotions

Why Syamhope?

In this blog, I’m sharing my passion for art, which led me to be here as ????????.

At the moment I’m based in Spain, where I’ve started a new journey; I hope to share it with you soon.

During the years I’ve been learning different things, here you go the result!

Paintings and drawings, as well as murals and facepainting are what you are going to find on this website. They are part of several projects created to share art: this latter isn’t just entertainment, but it can be introspective and used to promote social integration, too.

Looking for original artworks or events?

The name “Syamhope” represents my way up here and my hope to follow my artistic passion.

Artistic trajectory

Syamhope (Sofia Cande) is a traveling creative. She comes from Padua, Italy, where she deepened her illustration techniques at the Comics Academy of Visual Art and New Media. She decided to travel to Córdoba, Spain, to develop her creativity and art. In fact, there she continued her artistic formation in art experimentation at the Escuela Antonio Povedano and animation at the C3A. Also, she has started several collaborations and art exhibitions, for example, the most recent are: “Sofia Cande”, “Momentos” and “Año Sintético” (in collaboration with The Síntesis Association from Montilla) and THAF 2023, in London. Moreover, Syamhope took part as an organizer in the team of the Casa Azul Association during FADAC (First Andalusian Fair of Art and Culture), where she performed live drawing, too.

Moreover, Sofia Cande won the 17° prize in the XII Plein Air Rapid Painting Competition of Ubrique. Also, since last October she’s teaching drawing and creative development in the Civic Centres of Cordova.

During the years she maintained her polyvalence and developed several artistic styles, especially in sketchbooks. In her projects, she combines both her formation and interest in the human sciences and linguistic mediation. She’s well known for her interest in traditional techniques and up-cycled supports, too.

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